A “bad hair day” may be a fashion faux pas for you but it can be a much more troublesome for your dog. A coat that is in poor condition, excessively long, matted, or dirty may lead to skin problems, discomfort, and flea and tick infestations.

Regular grooming can help prevent these problems and keep your dog happier and healthier too! As a rule of thumb, breeds with stylized clips such as poodles and Shih Tzus should have a complete groom every six to eight weeks. Other breeds with less demanding needs should have a complete groom three to four times a year.

We offer grooming services for all breed by our pet groomer. While your pet is being looked after we’ll show you how to care for his/her coat between grooming to ensure that bad hair days are a thing of the past.

A complete groom includes: a shampoo and fluff dry, the cut of your choice, ear cleaning and plucking, trimming of hair in the foot pads, nail clipping, expressing of your dog’s anal glands.

Note: We require that your pet be fully up to date on all vaccinations before we can groom.

20% off your puppy’s first grooming appointment offer WILL NOT be applied to a puppy that is severely matted. Prices are based on size, breed, coat condition and temperament.