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The Critter Chronicles

Medical Emergencies

Unfortunately, emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours. We are proud to announce that we have recently added the full-service VETS Toronto emergency hospital to our network of clinics in downtown Toronto to better serve our clients after-hours! VETS Toronto is located in The Beaches at 1025 Kingston Road that provides a range of […]

Ticks Are Increasing!

By: Dr. Barrientos By now everyone has heard about how ticks are increasing in Ontario.
Specifically in areas of Toronto, including Downtown Toronto, ticks have been very active this year.  

 We removed this tick last week. It is a female black legged deer tick. This tick species transmits Lyme disease.
Other species of ticks have also […]

5 Most Popular Breeds in Downtown Toronto

By: Dr. Barrientos As dog a lover and people watcher, I love to go to the dog park and watch people play with their dogs. I also enjoy admiring people on busy streets such as College Street, King and Queen Streets, fashionably walk down the sidewalk with their beautiful dogs on a leash. Although there […]

The Benefits of Regular Pet Grooming

By: Mari Kusanagi As summer comes rolling in, the grooming salon at Fluffy Tails is bustling with animals for their long-awaited spa appointment. I’ve seen it all! Clean dogs, dirty dogs, matted and well-brushed dogs. If you’re wondering why your groomer asks you to come in regularly, here are some reasons why. 1. Regular grooming […]

Lyme Disease

By: Dr. Natasha Asotra In our last blog, Dr. Barrientos discussed how the warmer weather means more creepy crawlers and the diseases they transmit. We have all heard about Lyme disease whether it be in the news, the media and some of us even know somebody who has Lyme disease. But what does this mean […]

Senior pets: How can we make them live longer?

By: Dr. Lucia Delgado de la Flor Thanks to the advances in veterinary medicines, dogs and cats now live longer than they used to. Obviously, this is great; they are part of the family and we want them to be with us as long as possible. One consequence of this is that we are now […]

Ticks Are Here!

By: Dr. Edison Barrientos As you may already know, ticks are presenting a growing concern for people living in Ontario, especially it’s most densely populated southern region. Ticks have been getting some attention recently because they are vectors for lyme disease, a disease that affects animals and humans alike. Their current spotlight in human medicine […]

Welcome to The Critter Chronicles

by Dr. Barrientos Our furry, four-legged companions play a very special role in all of our lives. They aren’t just animals to us, they’re real members of our families. They are always sensing our emotions; making us feel better when we’re in pain, and sharing our excitement on our good days. In return, we do […]

Happy Halloween! Tips and tricks for DIY pet costumes

Its time for halloween! Cats and dogs are really cute when they are dressed up, and it brings out the halloween spirit in all of us! Here are some ideas to get your own perfect pet outfit with a budget. Take old children’s costumes. If your son, daughter or younger sibling has grown out of […]

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