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In the community spirit of Kensington Cares, The Kensington KittyPants Fund in partnership with Dundas Euclid Animal Hospital was established to support seniors on a fixed income to access healthcare for their pet companion within the Dundas Euclid Animal Hospital Practice.

The Kensington KittyPants Fund is supported by our generous Kensington merchants who are proud to be part of this practical common sense approach of caring for the generation that established who we are as a vibrant and unique community.

There are a number of community members who are eager to make this project a success.  In the past The Kensington KittyPants Fund has hosted events at the Handlebar to raise money for the fund and hope to raise more money for the next event planned for the fall of 2014.

This year the Kensington KittyPants Fund is fortunate to be directed by Tami Kenwell of Madhouse Inc along with the gracious support of Scadding Court Community Centre.

If you have any questions about funding or if you would like to get involved, please contact the staff of Dundas Euclid Animal Hospital or send inquiry via email to