MYTH or FACT? People are allergic to cat and dog hair.

Allergic to your Pet

This spring, seasonal allergies are beginning. Normally skin dander from pets causes allergies, not the hair on your pet. If they have long or short hair it won’t affect the amount of dander they have. Here are some tips to try to lower allergies.

Check if your pet is causing your allergies

Going to the doctor to confirm that you are allergic to pet dander will be a good idea to confirm you are allergic to. If not, it might be another cause such as pollen.

Lower the dander in the house

Change the house air filters, or get an air purifier to lower the amount of dander in the air. Routine vacuuming, dusting and sweeping will help any allergy as well.

Washing and Bathing

Washing your hands and face can reduce your exposure to dander. Giving your pet routine baths with luke-warm water will keep the skin moisturised and remove irritants that cause itching. Using hot water can dry up the skin.

Making your bed a no-pet zone might help since a large portion of your time there is spent there with continuous exposure and accumulation to dander.

Allergy Medication

Over the counter allergy medicine or allergy shots can help relieve allergy symptoms.

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