Happy Halloween! Tips and tricks for DIY pet costumes

Its time for halloween! Cats and dogs are really cute when they are dressed up, and it brings out the halloween spirit in all of us! Here are some ideas to get your own perfect pet outfit with a budget.

Take old children’s costumes.

If your son, daughter or younger sibling has grown out of that old costume, It could be the perfect size for your pet! Take an old devil suit for kids 5-10 or the old harry potter outfit that won’t fit anyone and give it to your dog!

Play with puns

A trip to the dollar store can get you many of the costume things you need, and a little creativity can get very far. Tying many balloons to your dog can make him a cloud, or cotton candy. Some fake flowers can make him a walking garden.

Home items

Like some children so, a white sheet can make any pet a cute ghost. You can take it a little farther with some other items around your household, such as this cute baked potato.

If you would like to see other examples,, check out more pet costumes on our facebook page!

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