Happy Easter! Eggs, good or bad?

Since its easter weekend, lots of easter treats will be lying around your house as relatives come by. As usual, chocolate eggs and coffee are definitely not good for your dog, but what about natural chicken eggs?

There has been a long debate about how eggs could be either beneficial or harmful for your pet.

Here are some evaluations of the possible harms of eggs.

Eggs are a rich source of nutrients, such as protein and helps keep a well balanced diet for dogs. They may contain trace amounts of salmonella, but nothing a dog’s intestine can‘t handle. To take extra precautions, buying organic eggs from healthy hens would be best.

They also contain enzyme inhibitors which can interfere with indigestion which affects mostly very young or old dogs. This will not be an issue if your dog does not indigestion, if they do, lower the amount of eggs he eats every week.

Eggs contain lots of protein but they also contain fats. Dogs that are overweight should have a lower amount of eggs or only eat the egg whites of the eggs.

Eggs can be beneficial to your dog’s health and bring balance to his diet. So if you’re doing an easter egg hunt, give a healthy egg to your dog as well!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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