Below you will find our current covid policies.  These policies are in place to maintain the safety and comfort of both our clients and staff members.

  1. All staff and clients will be required to wear a mask upon entering the building.

  2. We will offer two styles of appointments – scheduled appointments and day admission (also referred to as drop-off appointments).

  3. Clients are not permitted in the exam room for either style of appointment. You may enter the building with your pet where you will be greeted by a client service representative who will take a detailed history regarding the reason for your visit. To streamline this process, we encourage you to fill out the electronic intake forms emailed to you prior to the appointment.

  4. Once your pet has been admitted we will ask individuals with scheduled appointments to wait outside until the vet has examined your pet.  The vet will then give you a call to discuss the exam findings and recommended treatments. Please ensure your phone is on you and be ready for their call.

  5. For day admission appointments we will ask for you to head home and the vet will call you at some point during the day once they have examined your pet. For these appointments, there is no guaranteed timeline, but we can assure you that your pet will be well taken care of while in our care.

  6. Once all agreed-upon treatments are completed you can re-enter the building for pick up and a staff member will bring your pet to you.

We continue to appreciate your cooperation and support.  If you have any questions about the above information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email.


Dundas Euclid Animal Hospital