Dundas Euclid Animal Hospital continues to have set protocols in place to maximize social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  The safety of our clients and staff members is our top priority and these measures are to ensure that we can stay open to help as many pets as we can.

Please take note of our current protocols below:

  1.  A FACE MASK IS REQUIRED TO ENTER THE CLINIC.   If you do not have one, we ask that you DO NOT ENTER the clinic but call us when you arrive and one of our staff members will go outside and assist you.
  2. Upon arrival, please make sure that there are no more than TWO clients in the reception area.  If so, please wait until one client leaves before you enter.
  3. We ask that only ONE person accompanies your pet into the clinic.
  4. If you are visiting the clinic because you have an appointment for your pet, we ask that you arrive promptly and at your scheduled time. Please do not arrive early or arrive late to your appointment.  Late appointments will incur a late fee.
  5. We require 48-hour notice for any cancellations.  If you fail to give the clinic 48 hours notice, you will incur a cancellation charge.
  6. Once in the lobby, please stay behind the barrier and stand on one of the two social distancing decals on the floor.  One of our team members will then assist you.
  7. Clients are not permitted in the exam room at this time.  Once you arrive with your pet, a staff member will get a detailed history from you regarding the reason for the visit.
  8. We then take your pet into the exam room so that the veterinarian can examine them while you wait outside the hospital.  If you would like to go home, we can board your pet until you come back.  Please have your phone on hand and expect a call from the veterinarian shortly.
  9. You will get a phone call from the doctor once the exam is complete, and they will explain their findings and recommendations with a treatment plan including approximate costs.
  10. Once the agreed upon treatments are complete, a staff member will bring your pet back to you in the waiting area and we will also bring you any medications and/or products prescribed.
  11. Payments can be made in person either by debit or credit and we now offer payment by Interac e-transfer to dundaseuclidah@gmail.com.  We are NOT accepting cash payments at this time.
  12. If you are coming to the clinic to pick up medication, food, or any other supplies we ask that you call ahead to notify us that you are on your way.  This will give us time to collect your items and place them in our designated pick up area.
  13. If you need a refill on medication, we ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice as some medications need to be approved by one of veterinarians or need to be specially ordered.

We are continuing to adapt to improve community safety and remain functional for as long as possible.
We appreciate your co-operation and continued support during these times.