Alternatives to Declawing your cat:

All cats have the natural instinct to keep their claws in top shape but unfortunately, they’re going to use the furniture to keep their claws sharp. There are many alternatives to declawing your cat and keep your furniture from being being a scratching post.

Choose furniture covers that are not cat friendly

Cats like to scratch more in a vertical pattern, so choose fabric patterns that have a grain that’s horizontal more than vertical (if you choose corduroy patterns make sure the lines go horizontally)


You can use traps that are activated by motion detectors so they will keep working even when you’re not home (spraying with a water bottle is ok too as long as the cat doesn’t see where the spray comes from and doesn’t affiliate you with the punishment) Motion deters that make loud sounds can be found at pet stores. You can also cover your cat’s favourite scratching area with sticky tape or aluminium foil making the area discouraging for scratching.

Trim your cat’s nails short

Trimming your cat’s nails frequently will make them short and dull so your cat won’t deal damage

Soft Paws

Soft paws are small covers that go over your cat’s nails making them dull and unable to scratch anything. They are glued onto the cat’s nails so they will have to be replaced every so often as your cat’s nails grow.

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