5 Most Popular Breeds in Downtown Toronto

By: Dr. Barrientos

As dog a lover and people watcher, I love to go to the dog park and watch people play with their dogs. I also enjoy admiring people on busy streets such as College Street, King and Queen Streets, fashionably walk down the sidewalk with their beautiful dogs on a leash.

Although there are no definitive statistics, I believe my observations as a veterinarian, working and living in downtown Toronto will give a semi accurate estimate of the most popular dog breeds,

So here goes ….

Number 5

This extremely intelligent breed comes in 3 sizes, toy, miniature and standard. They are always inquisitive and know exactly what their owner is thinking and feeling.

Number 4

Golden Retriever:
This extremely friendly extrovert is frequently at the park chasing a ball or playing with other dogs.

Number 3

I have never met an angry Pug. They are always so happy, although sometimes when they come to see me they have a worried look in their face.

Number 2

Boston Terrier:
Boston Terriers are very friendly athletic little dogs. They have such beautiful and expressive eyes and many of the ones I know seem to have an obsessive interest in chasing balls

Number 1

French Bulldogs:
These little guys are like clowns. Powerful, energetic, friendly and they are always ready to play.

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